Experience Mary’s Presence

Discover Our Lady of Fatima’s message for peace and her call for you individually – and the whole world.

Marys Presence
Have you lost hope in the world?

Have you lost hope in the world?

You don’t know what you can do about it. You see friends, family, and loved ones leave the faith. You feel like God has abandoned us to struggle on our own.

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Mary came to Fatima to give us the answer for these times.

Our Lady of Fatima Wants You to Live in the Light of Her Comforting Presence.

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When the Pilgrim Virgin Statue comes to your parish, experience hope and community in a new way.

We know what it’s like to look for hope and peace but feel like it’s impossible to find. Our Lady of Fatima’s message will inspire you, comfort you, and challenge you to discover your personal call to participate in her mission.

The Vatican’s Official Voice

The World Apostolate of Fatima is a public association of the faithful that speaks on behalf of the Church on the authentic message of Fatima.

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Transforming Lives

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3 Simple steps to experience Fatima with your parish community


Contact us to learn more and get on the tour route.

We’ll work with you and others in your diocese or region to bring the message of Fatima to your parish.

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Host the Pilgrim Virgin Statue at your parish.

You’ll experience Mass, confession, Eucharistic Adoration, engaging talks, personal time with Our Lady’s image, and more.


Spread the word!

Once your parish or diocesan tour date is set, be sure to spread the word and invite as many people as possible to attend this powerful event.

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We know you want to be faithful to God and his bride, the Catholic Church.

We want to strengthen your resolve with the guidance offered by Our Lady of Fatima. Although it would be a beautiful experience to travel to the Shrine of Fatima in Portugal, it’s not always easy to do.

We believe you can experience the effects of Fatima in a parish encounter with the Pilgrim Virgin Statue. We understand how it feels to need spiritual rejuvenation from time to time. That’s why we bring a powerful spiritual experience to you through the Pilgrim Virgin Statue Tours.

Here’s how it works: contact us to learn more and get on the tour route; host the Pilgrim Virgin Statue at your parish; reap the graces from her visit! Request your tour stop now, so you can experience the hope, peace and personal call that comes from encountering Our Lady of Fatima.

See where Our Lady has been and where she’s going.