By Dan Wagner –

Patrick and I had a particularly busy schedule on April 25.  We had wrapped up a really great visit to a little country Church and ended the day of prayer and adoration with a procession out of the Church and up to the RV.  We were assisted by both the Knights of Columbus and other great members and volunteers of St. Peter and Casmir Parish in Westfield.  Then Our Lady’s RV was back on the road and traveling to the next celebration.  

SouthbridgeMAAs we pulled up past the Church and ultimately found a spot next to the parish garage and school we noticed a welcoming fire burning outside the front Church steps.   It was so easy to sense a spirit of enthusiasm and gratitude and welcome for the many blessings of our Lady.  The joy was contagious and even though it was 10 o’clock at night we had a good crowd of people ready to greet the image.  Within a few minutes the parish family formed a procession complete with candles, incense and cross bearer and we traveled with the Pilgrim Virgin Statue in style as she made her way from RV to the very welcoming and alive Church of St. John Paul II in Southbridge MA.  Throughout the evening and the next couple days, I was impressed and honored to be in attendance at Holy Mass and many other beautiful prayers and programs.  These events beautifully celebrated the wonderful Mother Mary and the message she brings.  It was also my first time to experience the patriotic rosary in which each state is mentioned by name and prayed for between every Hail Mary, and between the decades the congregation joined their pastor in some beautiful patriotic hymns. It was a great day to be with our Lady and definitely one of the days I felt really proud to be a good American Catholic.

God bless America and those wonderful people who through their loving welcome and devotion to Jesus through Mary are keeping the true meaning of Freedom alive. 

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